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Global Expression's mission is to empower communities via strategic outreaches where immediate needs are met and through educational opportunities, where a foundation is laid out for the nurturing of long-term development, and we have accomplished this in different countries as the Lord opens doors.


Women’s conferences are led by WinGs International Evangelization (Italy, Spain, London, and Poland). God always moves powerfully through prophetic words, beforehand  visions of things to happen during the trip, words of knowledge, healings, and deliverance.

Dominican Republic

We collaborate to provide meals for around 50 children through “Estancias Infantiles Jesus Rey de Gloria”.

Our children's ministry teaches the word of God to these children during our mission trips.


WinGs International led a women's conference, while Global Expression evangelized in remote areas to the Motongo Tribe, and provided clothes and blankets for orphanages in Dakka and Zimbabwe. (2023)


We provide monthly groceries for a family and daily meals for 250 children with a ministry from Victory Church (Florida).

Scholarship programs: Currently six students are studying English, three are studying medicine and one has graduated from bakery school and earned a degree in Pharmacy.


Housing Project: We have given away two houses and building a third one. These are given to different families in need.

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